The Global Machanism

The Global Mechanism works with countries on financing strategies for sustainable land management

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A national workshop to validate Tanzania’s Integrated Investment Framework (IIF) for sustainable land management (SLM) will take place in Bagamoyo from 18-20 February 2014. The workshop will bring...
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Because the livelihoods of so many are directly dependent on the quality and productivity of land and its resources, SLM is vital to meeting development objectives, including food security, economic growth and poverty alleviation. Mandated by the UNCCD to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of existing financial mechanisms and to promote actions leading to the mobilization and channelling o...

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Ms Elisabeth Barsk-Rundquist, Director of Programmes and Officer-in-ChargeTel. +39 06 5459 2471e.barsk (at) Office of the Managing Director Ms Simona Somma, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist/Grant ImplementationTel. +39 06 5459 2124s.somma (at) Ms Sarah Marchant, Special Assistant to Director of Programmes and Officer-in-ChargeTel. +39 06 5459 2475...

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In our ideal world, land tops the day-to-day agendas of policy makers, governments, donors, civil society and investors, and is thoroughly considered in everything they do. The sustainable land practices they adopt and promote lead to food security and economic prosperity, ultimately improving the livelihoods of present and future generations. For when land is factored into all decisions and discu...

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This structure was adopted to optimize the impact of the GM's operations and to accompany its geographic engagement with strategic and thematic expertise on sectors that can enhance the implementation of the UNCCD. Regional Programmes The GM's regional programmes are aimed at developing and coordinating country, regional and sub-regional activities. The ensuing country programmes, the GM's core ...

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#Climatechange and #desertification a threat to social stability - UNCCD Executive Secretary warns
"Investment Framework presented by the GM is innovative and will arrest #land degradation in #Tanzania" - validation wksp #UNCCD
#Tanzania calls for integrating #climatechange #adaptation and #mitigation issues into sustainable #land management practices
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