The Global Mechanism works with countries on financing strategies for sustainable land management

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3 Workshops in Cambodia on SLM finance
28 October 2014 - 04 November 2014
The GM is organizing three separate workshops in Cambodia over the course of the coming week, aimed at stepping up implementation of the UNCCD in the region. The first is a technical training...
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There is a growing recognition that diaspora migrant groups across the globe have a key role to play as “agents of development”, providing vital social capital in the shape of people, networks, finance, ideas and attitudes. Remittances sent home by the global diaspora currently top US$450 billion every year and play a vital role in the development of their respective countries of origin by fostering investments in sectors such as tourism, trade, housing and infrastructure. Although remittances used for agricultural purposes in rural areas are estimated to account for only five per cent of this huge figure, according to the International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD), this still corresponds to four times the global official development assistance for agriculture. In this context, a landmark conference focusing on, ‘Integrating Migration and Development – Diaspora as a Development Enabler’, was held in Rome, Italy on 2-3 October 2014, by the Italian...
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